Fox & Lion Communications is your one-stop-shop for all your campaign’s marketing and communications needs. If you want to reach voters, look no further!

Whether it’s through text, video, social media, or something else, we don’t just create ads to be seen—we create ads that connect and drive action.

Candidates, elected officials, and political organizations trust us to transform their policies and personalities into a successful branding strategy. At Fox & Lion, we don’t just help your campaign stand out. We help you win!

Make Your Next Campaign a Winning One!

Reach 100 People with Every Dollar
You Spend

Looking for affordable marketing solutions for your campaign or business?

All too often, quality candidates lose an election simply because they couldn’t find a top-quality marketing team within their budget. Fortunately, we have a variety of integrated cross-channel communication plans to fit every budget and help you win!

Whether you’re running for a small campaign for the first time or you’re vying for reelection in a major race, we ensure that you’re using your resources in the best way possible. Our marketing and branding solutions are designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness!