Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the community with timely and relevant information, fostering a well-informed and connected environment. We believe that an informed community is an engaged community, and through our innovative outreach strategies, we strive to keep you abreast of the latest developments and opportunities that matter most to you.

Our Values:

  • Integrity: We operate with honesty, transparency, and a dedication to ethical practices.
  • Innovation: We embrace cutting-edge solutions to ensure your message stands out in the crowded digital landscape.
  • Service Commitment: Our service-disabled veteran ownership underscores a deep commitment to service, ensuring each project receives the attention and dedication it deserves


Fox & Lion uses a broad spectrum of direct and indirect methods for community outreach and engagement assuring that your message reaches your target audience at home or on the go



Navigate the digital frontier with confidence. From impactful social media campaigns to strategic online video ads, we amplify your message, ensuring it reaches your audience wherever they are.


Forge meaningful connections through peer-to-peer SMS, ringless voicemails, and virtual phone banking. Our outreach goes beyond the digital realm to create genuine, memorable experiences.


Whether it’s a political campaign, government contracting initiative, or business marketing endeavor, our seasoned team offers strategic consulting and media expertise to guarantee success.


In a high-stakes re-election bid, Fox & Lion played a pivotal role in securing victory for the Philadelphia Sheriff against a well-funded challenger. Through strategic campaign consulting, rapid response services, and a robust combination of peer-to-peer text messaging, mass email campaigns, cross-platform digital advertising, and an impactful Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) effort, our comprehensive approach solidified the Sheriff’s position, triumphing over a multi-millionaire adversary.

A Republican congressional candidate defied expectations by garnering more votes from a traditionally Democratic stronghold than any Republican in the past 50 years. Fox & Lion’s orchestrated field and digital communication strategy were instrumental in this historic achievement, creating a significant impact despite the ultimate electoral outcome.

For a major convenience store chain embarking on a new development project, Fox & Lion identified and engaged community residents effectively. Our community outreach strategies ensured a positive reception, aligning local sentiments with the project’s objectives.

In a highly contested Democratic primary, Fox & Lion’s regional paid canvassing operation played an instrumental role for a gubernatorial candidate. Identifying and mobilizing supporters through targeted outreach proved to be a crucial factor in clinching victory and advancing to the next stage of the campaign. Our strategic efforts were instrumental in the candidate’s success, contributing significantly to the overall campaign strategy.

Despite being a first-time candidate facing a well-funded incumbent, Fox & Lion empowered them to become a major contender. Our coordinated digital and field community outreach program leveled the playing field, creating a significant impact on public perception and establishing the candidate as a formidable force, setting the stage for future success.



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